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Bridge Real Estate Sydney

First of all, I love the job of being real estate agent an agent, I did it in Belgrade for years. Here, in Sydney, I dealt with that part of the job when I was working at the bank, but most of all when I was the independent mortgage broker. I have started as a new agent, but with considerable work and life experience. Those clients and people who know me certainly know that I am committed to the job and that I will do what it takes to sell their property at the best possible conditions as the market dictates it. Those who do not know me, will be able to have an impression if they want to deal with me or not after the first meeting. I love to do business with people who trust me, and I prefer to deal with not too many people either as I want to be efficient in what I do.

Furthermore, I can offer additional services free of charge or, even better, as part of the package of selling their property.

As I worked in Serbia as an agent for some time, I can explain to our people here what might interest them about their real estate they have in Serbia or in the region. If I can’t assist them myself, I will hire lawyers who represent me to do what they need free of charge again.

When people give me their real estate to sell, they will receive free legal representation in Serbia, help with mediation in sales or buying real estate or something else that has anything to do with real estate. My understanding is that our people have things over there to be sorted out and I can assist them a lot.

Even if you do not have anything for sale here to be my client, I encourage you to let me know if you have any needs associated with real estate or legal matters in Serbia or the ex- Yu region. I will be glad to assist, free of charge.